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1. There’s been a colossal-size topper floating around the fashion ether lately.

2.Large lightweight sun hat into reality,the coolest bridal look ever from model Emma Leth, and, of course, plenty of style blogger hype.

3.It has quickly become the summer’s most major accessory.

4.It can be done with care and will shade your face—maybe even your entire body—from the damaging UV rays.

5.The most important thing to remember about this summer’s hats is that bigger is better—and more Instagrammable.

6.Once you buy this hat and share it online, you will get countless likes instantly.

Product Information:

Folded size:27x27X9CM


about size:

Hat brim 20cm(Expanded diameter about 60cm)

Hat brim 25cm(Expanded diameter about 70cm)

Hat brim 30cm(Expanded diameter about 80cm)

Hat brim 35cm(Expanded diameter about 90cm)

Suitable for head circumference: 58-62cm

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